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Once agains Tigerfaceswe hasn't disappointed us with this taking an iconic TF2 map and turning it into something new is with out a doub...

Ah this reminds me of the London underground But this is a nice, posh, accurate and well edited pieces of work that I've seen form tige...

Ello its me Mr Ebritannia with another Critique for ya today Im going to be talking about this Brilliant piece of 3-Dimention art made ...

I really like this piece of art especially for the cut face which The-Butcher-X has given us to see as well as the background the use o...

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Fucking usernames
I'm going to regret swearing someday but anyways I'm thinking of changing my username but I don't know what I should call myself
Can you help please pleez 😓🙏
:iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 0 12
Bourne/ 209 Team Educational TORTURE!!!!
As time changes Humans change. As we lurn about the mistakes we made about 20 years ago and what we lurn form history benefits our future. And as humanity and technology progresses so dose political conflicts and even the 'Espionage war' form the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the Battle of the Somme which featured for the first time Water Tanks on the front line of warfare.
However there is another form of warfare that catches my eye more recently which is something called the 'Espionage War' if you dont understand what I mean. What Im talking about is the world of the 'Spies and Assassins' every government through out the world from Canada to China has it's own network of Spies and Assassins ready to die for their country.
Now I remember watching -->
youtube plans to make a fan parody series of The Bourne Franchise (Best Assassin Franchise ever) and it inspired me to write something inspired by the Franchise but then I realised "I hardly
:iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 1 0
A.P.D Chapter 1= Eric Mann and memories
Eric Mann was pissed off as usually despite being 16 he took a long drag on cigarette. He had Dark Brown hair that was done into a finge, he was fit, intelligent and had a hamsome face. But he knew that all of that wouldn't help if the Head Officer would have seen him like this and Eric knew that if The Head Officer had seen him he would have had Eric hung if he saw him with the cigarette, The Head Officer of the A.P.D (Anthropomorphic Police Department) or in Eric's case the L.A.P.D (London Anthropomorphic Police Department) He was on patrol in Piccadilly Circus his cap fixed on his head with the golden insignia of a Human and an Anthro hand shaking within the circle and underneath it was the four letters L.A.P.D
"Life WAS great..........for a second then......All Tits up" He spoke into the radio
"You can't keep on beating yourself up over what happened 3 years ago" Spoke Link Handrez, Despite his last name he was born in Zurich, Germany and had a 13 dusted a drugs sale at his H
:iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 2 43
A.P.D Supported Nations and forces
G.A.P.D (Germany Anthropomorphic Police Department)= The first Anthro defence force established to defend the Anthropomorphic race
G.B.A.P.D (Ger Berlin Anthropomorphic Police Department)= In Germany Berlin is the most populated for Anthro related crime this was a spin off to defend the Berlin Anthro populous
F.A.P.D (France Anthropomorphic Police Department)= The second Anthro defence force established
S.A.P.D (Spanish Anthropomorphic Police Department)= The third Anthro defence force established
I.A.P.D (Italy Anthropomorphic Police Department)= The fourth Anthro defence force established
G.B.A.P.D (Great Britain Anthropomorphic Police Department)= The fifth Anthro defence force established
L.A.P.D (London Anthropomorphic Police Department)= Just like Berlin. London was a big city for organised crime including Anthro related crime *it is said that this spinoff force is made of highly skilled soldiers and form the S.A.S
U.S.A.P.D (United States Anthropomorphic Police Department)= you
:iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 2 0
Great Britannia by EpicBritannia877 Great Britannia :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 5 11
He floated on the surface of the swimming pool. Completely relaxed. Almost sleeping. It was a sunny Friday in California the tour had been an amazing one. The cheering crowds, the noise, the hotels and the cities. All amazing. He was memorising some lyrics form his most favourite of artists 'Roger Waters'
" Momma loves her baby, Daddy loves you too, and the sea made of warm to you baby, and the sky may look blue" he sang. He loved that song so much it gave him a weird pleasure.
He opened his eyes and was horrified by what he saw. A tortured face. No eyes. and open scream of a mouth. Long hair and gray misshaped teeth. He looked deep into the thing's empty eyes and then.
" As you CLAW THROUGH THIN ICE!" And he saw the water turn dark red. BLOOD!
He clawed at the water he noticed that he wasn't in his swimming trunks. But a World War II British army uniform soaked in blood a rifle in his hands he saw dead bodies and other soldiers with the same uniform and the same rifles fighting, runni
:iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 1 0
French Germanic State by EpicBritannia877 French Germanic State :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 7 4 Only lands of freedom by EpicBritannia877 Only lands of freedom :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 5 2 New Britannia map by EpicBritannia877 New Britannia map :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 0 11 The French Commonwealth by EpicBritannia877 The French Commonwealth :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 2 0 New project in the making by EpicBritannia877 New project in the making :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 5 4 Teaser by EpicBritannia877 Teaser :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 10 6 Me Cutie Mark by EpicBritannia877 Me Cutie Mark :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 5 12 Another Brick In the Wall 1 by EpicBritannia877 Another Brick In the Wall 1 :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 7 8 Follow The Worms by EpicBritannia877 Follow The Worms :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 5 26 Glory to Britannia rule by EpicBritannia877 Glory to Britannia rule :iconepicbritannia877:EpicBritannia877 0 0


RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS -_- by B1BattleDroid RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS -_- :iconb1battledroid:B1BattleDroid 4 35 A Posh Breakdown of the British Gentleman by ChaoticLord44 A Posh Breakdown of the British Gentleman :iconchaoticlord44:ChaoticLord44 25 21 Uprising [SFM/4K] by Archangel470 Uprising [SFM/4K] :iconarchangel470:Archangel470 60 5 Jack 'Septiceye' McBoss by Austrian-Medic Jack 'Septiceye' McBoss :iconaustrian-medic:Austrian-Medic 9 3 No Homo. by RadykalKhemystri No Homo. :iconradykalkhemystri:RadykalKhemystri 3 0 Mario flags fun by ZeFrenchM Mario flags fun :iconzefrenchm:ZeFrenchM 75 61 SUMMER FUN! by IBRXGmod SUMMER FUN! :iconibrxgmod:IBRXGmod 11 17 i'm thinking to get Gmod and SFM by DANIOTHEMAN i'm thinking to get Gmod and SFM :icondaniotheman:DANIOTHEMAN 2 6 [SFM Models] Railway Infrastructures - Series 1 by YanPictures [SFM Models] Railway Infrastructures - Series 1 :iconyanpictures:YanPictures 34 17 [SFM] Chilling with UK Buddies at the Lobby by TheAdventurerSteve [SFM] Chilling with UK Buddies at the Lobby :icontheadventurersteve:TheAdventurerSteve 11 5 [SFM] British Twat by FD-Daylight [SFM] British Twat :iconfd-daylight:FD-Daylight 17 31 Britan by iClosedThePool Britan :iconiclosedthepool:iClosedThePool 7 3 Mud and Blood by DerKaktus12345 Mud and Blood :iconderkaktus12345:DerKaktus12345 43 6 Meet the Trench|Battle War by Philippinerookie Meet the Trench|Battle War :iconphilippinerookie:Philippinerookie 5 0 [SFM] 9th April, 1940 by SovietDenmark [SFM] 9th April, 1940 :iconsovietdenmark:SovietDenmark 13 2



I have decided to rename my sight to 'StudioU.K' and form now on Charles Britannia is one of my OC's along with his team and brothers.
I'm really upset about the situation in Londin. We've suffered three terror attacks and I just found about about another one on a mosk where innocent members of the Muslim race where barbarically killed as they left their place of worship.

However normal British citizens were able to capture the killer before he could get away

This I way I disagree with Haters and the Hate preachers. For they are nothing more but the modern Nazis that poison society. They make others lives full of pain and misery it's just one of the things I wish to stamp out in the world Hate Groups and Haters.

Haters are a waist of time.
First off I just want to say thank you to everyone who's given me a happy birthday as yesterday I turned 16 and I just can't believe it. Also more good news my exams are nearly over I've only got five more left and that's it I'm out of school and into College which I can't wait for it's going to be absolutely amazing.

I also want to say thank you to those who've been patient with my work. As it's been so long since I last posted a Gmod or Sfm image or comic and I've been missing that but form the bottom of my heart I just want to say to a to all of my watchers THANK YOU ALL for being the most understanding and respectful people and I hope to return to DeviantArt soon to do more artwork and collaborate with other artists.

I've also got to say that the reason I'm glad to be 16 is because in the U.K. 16 is the age that a person can have sex legally so 😏👍 up.

I've also got to say that I hope to do a bit more than just Gmod and SFM I also hope to do some other types of art to express myself a bit more and I also hope to start animating with SFM and Gmod to post onto my YouTube channel as there's nothing on there and I think it's time to start working.

To my latest comment I'll still be friendly with all of my brony followers it's just I want to take a brake form the fandom for a bit
Tomorrow I turn 16

I'll hopefully receive my new computer a couple of days time

However there will be some changes

Mainly you won't see muck more MLP stuff.
Now you maybe asking why are you giving up the MLP way.

Well I've gotten a bit bored of it lately. I haven't really watched any of  the episodes on Netflix and I've had more important issues on my mind than just some cartoon so I'll be retiring form the MLP way but I will return


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Charles Britannia/ Student
United Kingdom
I am 16 years old I'm autistic and I love animation, alternate history, tf2 and other random stuff I'm also part of the ACF (Army Cadet Force)


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